One of the simplest and most reliable ways to change your ip address is using vpn servers. Your computer after you connect to the server of the ISP connects to another vpn server, so you have a different ip address.
Change the ip address of the computer using the virtual vpn server allows you to maintain a good speed Internet, to ensure the security of the network operation and to maintain availability of all services, even those that don't have settings for proxy servers (torrents, e-mail clients).
To change the ip address of your computer you can use a paid VPN service at The cost of the services is insignificant, but when used do not decrease the speed of your Internet connection.
To change the IP you need to register and pay for the subscription, install the program VPNService. VPNService. Use it to change your ip address very easy, as its interface is available in Russian language. When you start you need to log in. To select the required connection settings, you should click the "I". Here you will be able to choose the country ID which will be displayed when you visit a site. To connect to a vpn server, you must click in the right corner. The first time you connect you must agree to all the demands of the program, and when you select network, click "public network".
To check if you managed to change the ip address of your computer, you can visit the website
For disconnection only need to press the same button that you use to connect.
By the way, use to spoof your ip the other vpn server is useful if you need to transfer over the Internet of confidential information as it is sent in encrypted form.
With the new ip you will be able to visit banned in your country sites to go to to pages, access to which was closed by a network administrator.
If you want to know how to change ip address for free, you can pay attention to the program TunnelBear. To connect to the Internet you also need using a special application. Without payment there is an opportunity to share through the server 500MB of data. The rate jumps depending on the load on the server, so the connection can be sometimes quite slow. The program has an English interface. To connect you need to select the country and press the "on"button.
To change the ip address of the computer you can also without the use of vpn servers. For this you need to download and install Tor Browser. During installation you must click "change identity", then the ip address has changed. This method gives a fairly unstable compound that can sometimes be absent altogether.