You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • browser.
Dynamic IP is a special address given to the machine every time you log on to the Internet. IP address will be different each time.
How do you know your the kind of IP address? First you need to decide which method you surf the Internet:

- through an ordinary modem;

- via mobile phone;


- via a dedicated line;

- satellite;

via 3G modem.
Skylink, dial-up, GPRS, ADSL is very common methods of Internet access.

Almost always you provide a dynamic IP address. Then you will not need to use any utilities. Just disable the Internet when you need and re-include. Your IP address will change immediately.
If you have a static IP address, and you want to make it dynamic, then you need to take advantage of special Internet services. In the global network at a given time such services, there are many.
Such technologies are called anonymizers. To use anonymizer, go to the browser. The best option would be to use the popular service 2ip. In the address bar enter the website
Next, enter the address of the site that you need to go. Then select from an existing list country, IP which should be displayed on the Internet. After these operations, click on the tab "Open" and you will be automatically redirected to the appropriate site. In General we can say that a dynamic IP is not so difficult.