Use to start with a simple misprogramming method. Open the Windows start menu and write cmd to access the command line. Type in it: ipconfig/release and press Enter. So you will lose installed network settings. After that, go to "Network" (via "start" or "control Panel") and select "Properties". Double-click on the section "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". Check the box next to "Use the following IP address". Enter the desired address (the column mask will be filled in automatically). Click twice on "OK". Choose "Connect again, refer to the submenu "Properties" under "Network". Again open the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and check the box next to "Obtain an IP address automatically". Then press twice OK.
Use the connection to the proxy servers. You can go to the website proxy and indicate in the browser the path to the desired website or to use a special program (for example, ProxySwitcher). Complete the training tutorial (depending on the browser you use), run the program and change the IP address. To do this, select "live" proxy from the list and connect to it.
Download and install on your computer one of the programs to change IP address. For example Easy Hide IP. Click on the Hide IP Now button to hide your real IP address. After that, select Get A New IP to get a new address. To return to the old, click on Restore the Real IP. Around the same principle works and other similar programs (InvisibleBrowsing and other anonymizers).
Please note: if there is recorded that you yourself constantly changing your static address, the network access may be blocked. That is why the legal IP address changes, better consult your ISP.