If for proper operation of your network, you must set the computers static IP addresses, follow these steps. Open the start menu and navigate to control panel computer. Locate and click "Network and Internet". Select "control Center network and sharing". Clicking on "Change adapter settings" and open it.
Now click with the right mouse button on the icon of the network card whose properties you want to modify. Click "Properties". Now highlight "Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4" and click Properties. When working with the operating system Windows XP, select the TCP/IP Protocol.
Now activate the option "Use the following IP address". Enter the value permanent (static) IP address in the appropriate field. Press the Tab button, the system automatically determined the subnet mask. Save the settings for this network card by pressing the "OK"button.
If you need to change the type of IP address from network equipment such as router, first open the menu settings. Connect your desktop computer or laptop to the LAN side of the router. Enter the IP address of this equipment in the browser and press Enter. Fill in the fields Login and Password.
After opening the web interface of the router, go to WAN menu. Now either disable the Get IP address automatically or enable Get Static IP address. Enter the desired IP value.
Now enter the address of the server through which you access the Internet. In some cases, you must enter the IP address and the domain name, for example when you configure the Internet from the company "Beeline". Click Save or Apply and reboot the router to apply the settings.