Advice 1: How to change dynamic ip to static

To correctly reconfigure the local network, it is sometimes necessary to change the type of IP address from dynamic to static. This applies not only to network adapters, and various routers or routers.
How to change dynamic ip to static
If for proper operation of your network, you must set the computers static IP addresses, follow these steps. Open the start menu and navigate to control panel computer. Locate and click "Network and Internet". Select "control Center network and sharing". Clicking on "Change adapter settings" and open it.
Now click with the right mouse button on the icon of the network card whose properties you want to modify. Click "Properties". Now highlight "Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4" and click Properties. When working with the operating system Windows XP, select the TCP/IP Protocol.
Now activate the option "Use the following IP address". Enter the value permanent (static) IP address in the appropriate field. Press the Tab button, the system automatically determined the subnet mask. Save the settings for this network card by pressing the "OK"button.
If you need to change the type of IP address from network equipment such as router, first open the menu settings. Connect your desktop computer or laptop to the LAN side of the router. Enter the IP address of this equipment in the browser and press Enter. Fill in the fields Login and Password.
After opening the web interface of the router, go to WAN menu. Now either disable the Get IP address automatically or enable Get Static IP address. Enter the desired IP value.
Now enter the address of the server through which you access the Internet. In some cases, you must enter the IP address and the domain name, for example when you configure the Internet from the company "Beeline". Click Save or Apply and reboot the router to apply the settings.
December 2012, Some may not work, so do not be upset, if not out right the first time. Convenient service with health check proxies . Changing the proxy, you will use another IP, maybe even another country. In what situations have you had to change the IP address of the computer? There is an error? Highlight and press Shift + E. Thank you.
Useful advice
There are several ways to change the IP address of the computer. The first and easiest way is to just disable Internet connection and then switch on again. The option works well if you have a dial-up connection. It may happen that the IP address you chose has already been occupied by someone else. In this case, the system will notify you about the error. You just need to change the last digit, not any other and try again to connect.

Advice 2 : Why the ip is changing

IP address is a unique address of a computer on an IP network, which is used to move data between nodes. When the delivery destination is not guaranteed. In fact, the IP address is similar to your home mailing address.
Why the ip is changing
As is well known. IP address of the fourth version, which is now used consists of 4 groups of decimal numbers each containing 3 numeric characters from 0 to 255. Groups separated by dots.

The agreement on the use of IP addresses provides information about the division into dynamic and static. The difference lies in the fact that the permanent address for the computer or is changing each time you connect.

The answer to the question on the reasons for changing IP addresses is simple. Each provider is allocated a specific range of addresses. When access to the network, your computer gets the address. The number of computers connected to the Internet, grows every year. Naturally, to secure a separate IP address for separate machine is simply unrealistic. The existing number of addresses is simply not enough at all.

For this reason, it was decided that many arranged. IP address was issued to the computer only when I connect to the network. That is, when the computer or the modem sends a request for access to the network. All IP addresses that are not currently used, are in reserve. restart the modem, connection is broken or the computer is restarted you will be assigned a new IP address. At the same time, the information of who, when and what IP address has been necessarily preserved from the provider in case of request from law enforcement agencies. The allocation of the addresses takes place "blind", guess what you get next time, impossible. When

Thus, the explanation can be only one: you have a dynamic IP address.
Remember: usually a surcharge from the provider to activate the service, in accordance with which your IP address will be static, i.e. will not change.

Both systems have their pros and cons. With dynamic you can get around the ban, and also download more files from free file sharing. If static you will be able to work in programs that need a hard peg to the address, and to continue downloading when connection is broken on some services.
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