The most simple and quick way to change ip addresses is to work with apps like Hide my Ip. Consider their use for example this program. Download it at, install it on your computer and run it. After starting the program appears in the tray. Click on it and open its window. Customize it according to your needs at the moment – choose country ip address which you want to use, and configure periodic random spoofing ip addresses, if necessary. After the implementation of the actions for which the substitution of ip addresses were required, close the application by disabling the ip submenu and clicking on the "exit"button.
In case if the previous method does not suit you, use the software Proxy Switcher. Download it at install to the hard drive of your computer. After the first run will download a list of proxy servers and then run their analysis on the performance. Sort them by response time – the smaller this parameter is, the faster the faster will be the download of the pages you want. Select the appropriate server, and then click the right mouse button and select from the drop down menu "switch to this server". Keep in mind that a direct connection is not enough to simply close the program window, you must first click on "Direct connection".
You can also use the anonymizer-like service Go to the site, then select the desired server and enter the address of the desired resource into the address bar on the website. Copco click on "Forward" then to change ip you will need to just choose another proxy server.
If your modem supports dynamic ip address, then you can do without the use of third-party services and programs. In this case you need to access the internal menu of the modem and to configure, according to which every time you connect you will be provided a new ip address. Then restart the modem manually or by using the internal programming menu for reconnection.