You will need
  • Any Internet browser
In order to know the IP address of your computer,in the Windows command prompt, enter the following command: "ipconfig".
If you access the Internet through your local network,go to the site "". The computer in the local network has two IP addresses: one local IP address for this network, and the second, transmitted on the Internet.
How to change ip
To change the IP address on the network, use an anonymous proxyserver. Go to: "".
This website is an anonymizer provides a choice of country and city under which your computer will "see" the network.
When you go to the site through the anonymizer, it downloads web pages to your server and shows there. It would seem that the computer is in the same country where the proxy server. On the website "" enter the address to which you want to go. For example, "".
How to change ip
Select the level of anonymity. What's the point closer to the functionality, the less anonymity. And Vice versa. The use of proxy reduces the functionality of the sites. Maybe that will not work, some java-scripts and flash insertion.
The level of anonymity
Select the country and city in the drop-down list. Press "go".
The site opens "". It will display information about from which country the computer visible to the server's IP address.
Changed IP address. Information from the website