Mainly for a hike in the garden will need to buy clothes. All things for kindergarten must meet several criteria. First, it should be easily released, button up, be removed and be worn. If the baby is not friendly with lacing, buy shoes with Velcro, if you can't zip up the zipper, much less fuss with buttons. So you will facilitate the task and your child, if he has already dressed himself, and nannies, if you need to dress your baby.

Secondly, clothing for kindergarten, the child should be comfortable. Nothing should hamper the movements, rubbing and interfere.

Pick up for kindergarten clothing that is easy to wash, and by the way, wash them often – the empty child always looks clean, neat and tidy.

And, of course, be sure to sign all the baby stuff – sew special labels with the name and surname, in order not to lose anything.

So, if you collect in kindergarten a boy in his locker in the kindergarten should always be:

T - shirt or tank top
- Turtleneck
Shorts or breeches, elastic, and not on the button
- Cotton tights

Shoes to find in the group it is best to choose comfortable Slippers with a heel or soft light Velcro shoes.

For girls set almost the same, but will need another slip dress or sundress.

For physical exercise you will need a form of sport. In some kindergartens it is issued, you will only need to regularly wash it at home. Also need gym shoes for physical education classes and music classes.

Let the locker will always be clean socks, and for kids that can be described – spare underpants and shorts.

For walking in the cold you need mittens, preferably with rubber band – so much harder to lose.

Of other necessities – hairbrush, scrunchies and hair pins for girls long hair, favorite toy, especially for kids who are just starting to go to kindergarten.

In General, such a list you must issue the teacher before the child will begin to walk in the garden. He also needs to inform you when you will need to purchase something else.