The simple declension of cardinal numbers

Categorized as simple, includes numbers, which are composed of only one root, for example: "five", "seven", "ten". They inflect like a noun singular, feminine ("night", "help"). That is, in the nominative and accusative cases end in "s" by "-d", the rest ". Here is the declension of the numeral "five":
- Nominative case: five.
- Genitive: five.
- Dative: five.
- Accusative: five.
- The instrumental case: five.
- Prepositional (on) five.

The complex declension of cardinal numbers

Complex numerals referred to as numerals, which consist of two roots ("eleven", "fifty", "hundred"). Declension of the numeral data has the following features: numerals ending in "dtsat" tend only to the end, and ending in "-ten", "hundred" (the latter includes "two hundred", "hundred", "four") are inclined in some cases both the root. Details:
- Nominative case: fifteen; sixty; seven hundred.
- Genitive: fifteen; sixty; seven hundred.
- Dative: fifteen; sixty; semitam.
- Accusative: fifteen; sixty; seven hundred.
- The instrumental case: fifteen; sixty; seven hundred minor.
- Prepositional (on). fifteen; sixty; seven hundred.

Features of the declension of some numerals

Such numbers as "forty" to "ninety" and "hundred" have only two forms of declension: "forty", "ninety", "hundred" (I. p., B. p.); "forty", "ninety", "hundred" (in other cases).

Declension of collective numerals "both", "both", "four" (and others), as well as the words "two", "three", "four" looks like this:
- Nominative case: both; both; four; two; three; four.
- Genitive: two; three; four; both; both; four; two; three; four
- Dative: both; both; four; two; three; four.
- Accusative: (who?) both; both; four; two; three; four; (what?) both; both; four; two; three; four.
- The instrumental case: both; two; four; two; three; four.
- Prepositional (on, about) both; both; four; two; three; four.

Also keep in mind that in compound numerals consisting of several words (for example: "one hundred and thirty-one"), it is necessary to persuade all the words.