You will need
  • - the tape;
  • calculator;
  • - visit the Cabinet of ultrasound diagnosis;
  • - access to the Internet.
The first calculation method is a calculation based on the girth of the abdomen and the height of the uterine fundus. Measurements spend lying on your back, the bladder should be emptied. Belly girth measure measuring tape at the umbilicus, and the height of the uterine fundus – the upper edge of the bosom to the bottom of the uterus.
Fruit weight is calculated by 3 formulas, and then calculates the average value of which will equal the approximate weight of the fetus. Apply the following formula (A – belly girth, height of the uterine fundus):
1) (A+B)*25

2) AND*

3) (12 or 11)*155
In the latter formula is used the number 11 in that case, if the circumference of the wrist at the hand of at least 16 cm, and 12 if more than 16 cm.
It is important to note that this method of calculation of the weight of the fetus has at least some degree of certainty only in the later stages, beginning with obstetric 38-39 weeks of pregnancy, when the child reaches this size, the volume of amniotic fluid can be neglected. In addition, this method has a very large error margin – at least 400 g.
The second option is considered more accurate. In this case, the calculation of the weight of the fetus takes place according to the ultrasound examination (ultrasound). Weight counts a program built into the ultrasound machine. The formula by which the program calculates, based on experimental and statistical data and also has significant error.
A weight that calculates the device, the doctor will write to your examination report. If for some reason the doctor weight not specify, you can use Internet resources. On many sites devoted to pregnancy and childbirth, you can find programs that will consider you child's weight, when you specify the required parameters.