You will need
  • - the tape;
  • - a sheet of paper and a pen;
  • calculator.
Ask your doctor, under supervision of which are the height of the uterine fundus. This value is the distance from the upper edge of the symphysis to the uterine fundus (the upper part). Lock this value for calculations, name it VM.
Conduct the appropriate measurements. Measure with measuring tape the circumference of the abdomen at waist level. Fix the result, denote the resulting value as the value of the Coolant. Measure the circumference of your wrist at the hand. If the value obtained is less than 16 cm, the coefficient will be equal to 12, if more than 16 cm is the coefficient And takes a value of 11.
For the precision required result settle on the three formulas and calculate the arithmetic mean. The first value to calculate: multiply the value of VM to the value of the Coolant obtained as a result fix the value of P1. Calculate the value of the second formula: the sum of VM and Coolant, divide by 4 and multiply by 100, record the obtained value as P2. For the calculation the third method (value of R3) subtract from the value of the VM coefficient value And the resulting number multiply by 155.
Calculate the arithmetic average: add the values of the variables P1, P2 and P3, and divide the result of adding 3. This will be the estimated weight of the fetus at the moment. The error may be about 200 grams.