You will need
  • •Sewing machine
  • •Overlock
  • •Scissors with serrated blades
  • •Bias binding
  • •Knife
One of the most versatile and fastest ways raw edges stitching is a "serger". It can only do specialized under this overcasting stitch sewing machine class "serger". The machine can be three - or carinena with several types obrabotannykh seams. This treatment is suitable for almost all kinds of fabrics. The machine has a knife which cuts the edge of the seam allowance, and then immediately goes to processing. As a rule, such machine is quite high speed and edging products will take you the least time.
Edging seam “shoes”
If you have no special washing machines and purchase it, you also do not expect, you can handle the edges of the stitching "zigzag", which is almost all modern sewing machines. Not very thin fabrics, such as suiting or dress, which tend to shedding handle seam "zigzag" each edge separately. For fabrics more tightly set the height of the stitch and pitch "zig-zag" more and more lung tissue is smaller.
Edging seam "zigzag"
If you stitched the product is made of thick fabrics which drape or cloth, with no tendency to sloughing, the edges of the products with the help of scissors with zigzag blades. Try to cut this fabric on a small sample and a little remember. If the jagged edge of the cut, not crumbled, then this method suits you.
Edging shears with zigzag blades
If your product is made of fine fabric and processing "zigzag" the edges seems very rough, you can do the hem. Bend 3-4 mm of the edge of the seam allowance, priutyuzhte and sew the fabric next to the fold.
Edging fine fabrics straight line
Products from heavy or bulky fabrics, for example, the upper garment unlined, can be banded along the edges of seams rolikam of piping. Bake can be purchased at any store that sells sewing accessories. Bake fold in half, wrap it a fabric edge and sew a straight line. For convenience, it is better to tack the bake wide stitches by hand.
Edging heavy fabrics piping