Carpets come in both natural and artificial. Natural made of wool, synthetic polyamide and polypropylene. And the life of polypropylene carpet much more up to 10-15 years.Sometimes you need independent processing of the edge of the floor covering. This can be done in several ways.
Pick up in store a thick nylon thread in the color of your carpet. Take a large darning needle, awl, treat the edge of the cover seam "through the edge" or overlock.
Pick up in store a tape or braid that will match your carpet color or pattern. With a thick needle panel edge so that the edge was on the inside of the folded in half lengthwise tape or bands.
If you are not able to process the edges of the carpet yourself, invite to the house specialists with carpet overlock. Today many trade organizations provide this type of service.
Processed edge of the carpet gives it a finished, harmonious appearance, besides, increases the service life of the coating.