Why you need a nose hair

The hair is located in the nose, prevent the ingress into the nasal cavity of foreign matter trap dust, bacteria and various viral infections. Without them, people would often ached and breathing dust. So, if you have the need to get rid of hair in the nose, remember that they are essential for human function and do not remove completely.

Ways to remove hair from nasal cavity

If you decided to deal with nasal hair, can benefit from some simple, but very effective ways.

Hair removal tweezers. Take the tweezers and with a quick movement, pull out one thread. This method is quite painful and unpleasant. Be careful, as after pulling out the hair on its place remains a wound, which can easily bring any infection. Make sure that the tweezers were clean, and the nose does not accumulate the selection.
Pull out only a very long hair, small and short does not need to touch.

Removal with scissors. This method is not as unpleasant as the use of tweezers. Here you just take scissors and trim the nose hair. For this procedure there are special small scissors with rounded ends to prevent injury to the nasal cavity. Can also use regular nail scissors, but the tips are too sharp, and hurt them much simpler. Keep in mind that the hair should not be cut at the root, because they need to stay in the nose and to protect you from viruses.

Another more modern way to remove "vegetation" in the nose – trimming. Trimmer is a small, streamlined machine with a rotating head that makes cutting hair in the nose. This procedure is absolutely painless and safe enough. A tool for trimming nose hair can be purchased quite cheaply. Its value varies from 100 to 1000.
Very often included with the trimmer is a few tips that will enable women to her eyebrows, while men mustache, beard or sideburns.

Some may be suitable way of getting rid of nose hair with a special depilatory cream. It is not very convenient, as the cream will be in the nose and interfere with breathing.

Pursuing any of these treatments, remember that in this moment you needs to be healthy, the nose should be completely cleared of mucus, instruments sanitized, and the lighting is bright, so you can avoid injuries and unpleasant consequences.