The transport tax, property tax, land, etc. - the list of payments in the budget, which must be made by citizens, is quite broad. Also subject to tax and business - both small and large. Many disabled people have hidden disabilities, so it can afford to open their own business. But their disability allows them to receive a number of benefits.
It is worth remembering that the disability will have to regularly confirm. After all, benefits are provided only for actors with disabilities. Where such confirmation is required for almost all groups.

Privileges to disabled people to pay vehicle tax

From payment of vehicle tax exempt invalids of the great Patriotic war, Invalidi fighting, invalids I-II groups, people with restrictions to labour activity of II-III degree. However, these benefits are only valid on one vehicle, the owner of which must be persons with disabilities.

In addition, it is worth considering that there are a number of requirements to the car, which is owned by person with disabilities. So, for example, is not taxed a car with power up to 100 horsepower or a car manufactured more than 15 years ago.
Also under the tax exemption are cars with a capacity of 100 HP, acquired through the organs of protection of the population in a lawful manner. This provision is stipulated in article 358 of the tax code.

Privileges to disabled people to pay property tax

The property tax also refers to a category of payments, which can free people with disabilities. Don't have to give money to the Treasury for the available square meters for the disabled I-II groups, invalids of the great Patriotic war, the disabled of childhood.

Reduction of tax base on non-taxable amount of 10 000 is expected for those who were injured in the fighting on the territory of the USSR and Russia, invalids of Chernobyl, as well as those who suffered from radiation sickness as the result of any tests, exercises, etc.

A tax on entrepreneurship

Benefits in payment of business tax, disabled unable to. So, for those who have marked I, II, III group can get the standard deductions provided for in article 218 of the tax code. In addition, persons with disabilities, opened entrepreneur can obtain social tax deductions, for example, of the amount paracanoe for treatment.

In addition, disabled I-II groups can be osvobozeni 50% from payment of state duty for committing all types of notarial acts. The disabled entrepreneurs have rights to tax deduction of 500 roubles for every month tax period when the tax base is to get the disabled income.

With regard to social tax, PIS, headed by the disabled from any of the 3 groups get exemption from payment of CST to their business activities. But the relief in the area of value-added tax not provided.