Microwave harmful to human health?

Today microwave ovens take quite a strong position in the kitchens most homemakers around the world. It and is clear: microwave ovens (microwaves) became an indispensable tool to quickly heat up already cooked food, but also good helpers in the cooking light diet food, defrosting meat, etc. But it does not say about their safety.

The damage microwaves the body, still worried about the inquiring minds of mankind. It should be noted that these concerns are not so unfounded as it may seem at first glance. Recent studies conducted by experts in this area have identified several key reasons, evidence of the dangers of microwave ovens on the human organism.

Factors of negative effects of microwaves on the human body

Electromagnetic radiation. The harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, or so-called torsion fields. Experts checked out a number of experiments which found that electromagnetic radiation contains a torsion component. It is the basic factor of negative influence of microwaves on the human body. A person may experience headaches, nervousness or insomnia.

Temperature. Another source of danger is the temperature emitted by these devices. Interestingly, the high frequency radiation begins to heat the human body only through constant and long-term use of microwave ovens. This heat exposure can lead to clouding and destruction of the lens of the eye. If you use this device is short and not long, it emitted harmful amounts of temperature will be. However, the total damage from microwaves is not going anywhere!

The effects of radiation on food. This is another factor that has a negative impact on the human body. As a result of intensive processing of food with microwave rays may occur the so-called ionization of molecules. This will entail a complete change in the structure of matter. The fact that a microwave is able to create new connections, non-existent in nature. They are called radiolytic changes. They are provocateurs the advent of molecular decay. For example, the microwave rays destroy vitamins C, b and E, and the value of food in General is reduced by 60%.

The radiation of the body. Among other things, microwave ovens have a tremendous negative impact on the cells of the human body, destroying their structure, which leads to their inability to prevent the penetration into the body viruses and fungi. Is suppressed and the mechanism of natural cell regeneration. Statistics show that irradiated food can cause cancer in the human digestive system, and the cellular tissue peripheral character in General is experiencing its rebirth, which leads to indigestion.

In conclusion it should be noted that especially careful to use microwave ovens need to be expectant mothers, since strong electromagnetic fields can cause miscarriage, premature birth or the development of certain congenital defects in the fetus.