The microwave oven was invented in Nazi Germany. After the war the allies found the records of research of microwaves, and they were transferred to the USA for further study and development. The Soviet Union had also studied the biological effects of microwaves. The result is a temporary ban on their use. The East European partners also imposed a ban on the production and operation of microwave ovens.
Microwave is one of the forms of electromagnetic energy, like light or radio waves. They move through space at the speed of light. Microwave oven causes decay and changes the molecular structure of the products in the process of radiation. In the modern world, microwaves are not only used in furnace, but also in the transmission of a television signal, provide Internet and telephone.
Interesting fact. During the bombing by NATO of Yugoslavia Belgrade residents on the recommendation of Russian scientists with the help of microwave ovens was hit by a cruise missile. During the air RAID alarm they took out included the microwave on the balcony, opened the door, pressed a finger blocking the terminal and sent her to the missile. As a result, a failure in the electronics, and the missile was falling. You can imagine what will happen in the apartment where the toaster oven even with very small cracks in the shell. By the way, the microwave beam shoots at 1.5 km and can pass through the walls of the house.
There are scientific studies that products under the influence of microwaves, changing their structure at a molecular level turning food into powerful carcinogenic. Frequent consumption of food from, microwave ovens increases the risk of cancer.
In 1989, a biologist from Switzerland Hertel and Professor Blank investigated the influence of food cooked in the microwave, on the person. The subject in turn had eaten food from the microwave oven and cooked on a conventional stove. During the study it was found that after microwave meal in the blood of the man began to change, which resembled the beginning of cancer.
In 1991 Earthletter journal published an article by Dr. Lita Lee, which stated that all microwave ovens have leakage magnetic radiation, worsen the quality of the food and make it unhealthy.
Traditional trade products are warmed up the usual way — outside-inside. When using the microwave it all happens unnaturally: the process of heating occurs from the inside out. Resulting in food that was under the influence of microwaves is devoid of natural energy. By the way, and cools it in a strange way.
Another risk when using microwaves occurs when the wrong selection of dishes for the microwave. She must be made of special heat-resistant glass that best transmits radiation of the furnace and faster to prepare. In any case, you cannot use plastic containers. Under the influence of waves plastic starts to produce dangerous toxins that can cause acute food poisoning.
Better to buy a microwave oven from well-known manufacturers. Large companies strictly follow the security settings and control the radiation level.
Microwave is the radiation source, so while its inclusion is not to be at the end of the stove, especially for pregnant women and people with heart disease.
It is risky to feed babies breastmilk or infant formula, warmed in the microwave. Some of the acids included in the composition of milk under the influence of microwaves are converted into deforming the nervous system and poisonous to the kidney connection.
The harm of microwave ovens is not fully confirmed by the scientific community. Massively people started using microwave ovens is relatively recent, and not yet time-proven results.
To best protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to use the microwave oven only in exceptional cases, strictly according to instructions and do not forget about security measures.