Restore hair after using a flat iron

Damaged hair an urgent need to treat. What can you do in this situation? First, you can just give up on Ironing. But as it is in most cases not possible, you can use it slightly less often.

Second, the damaged part of the hair need to clip, as it is not recoverable.

Third, you need to pinpoint your problem and turn to cosmetics for hair care. Experts advise to choose balms, shampoos and masks the same manufacturer as complementing each other, they give the best effect. Don't worry if your hair was much fatter than they were before the use of cosmetic products. This means that they are filled with life.

Fourth, restoration of hair after using a flat iron will help homemade masks. They are very easy to prepare yourself, having at hand only the ingredients for this. These masks should be done no more than twice a week. The result will not keep you waiting long. But about the mask later.

Fifthly, to help gelatin lamination of hair. Solution induced in this way: pour gelatin with one tablespoon of warm water and leave for half an hour. After it swells, dissolve it in a water bath or in the microwave and add 30 grams of hair. The weight should be applied to wet hair. To do this procedure once a week, and a month later you will notice that the hair becomes heavier and smooth.

Sixth, if you have the opportunity, please contact the beauty salon treatment keratin straightening and laminating hair. However, these procedures treat the hair only outside, but inside they also need to be strengthened.

Mask for hair at home

At home you can prepare masks for damaged hair after Ironing. You can offer these options:

- honey mask for the preparation of which requires 15 grams of honey and milk and essential oil with moisturizing effect. Honey dissolved in hot milk and add 4 drops of oil. The mixture is applied on dry hair that you want to hide in a shower cap for two or three hours. If your hair is highly desiccated buy in a drugstore oil of ylang-ylang, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood or orange.

- oil mask – option for weakened hair. You need to distribute on hair, coconut oil, Shea butter or cocoa for two hours. As these oils are very fat, with high fat content in hair roots should step back a little from them and to start the process. You can also mix equal amounts of jojoba oil and burdock oil to make a mask. Good effect gives sour milk, heated until small temperature. This mask is done on the scalp, gently rubbed, is covered with a towel for half an hour and then rinse.

Irons for hair straightening is undoubtedly the right and necessary thing for the modern girl. But whether to use it as often so you have to spend a lot of time on hair restoration?