How to choose a good straighteners

The first irons for hair straightening had metal plates – they are well passed the heat curls, but I dried them and literally burned for several months. If every day or several times a week to use a metal Styler, then after six months you can say goodbye to lush, shiny and thick hair. Modern stylers do not only from metal plate may be a Teflon, ceramic or tourmaline – any of these materials has a less harmful effect on the hair. These plates heat up evenly and do not burn hair. But tourmaline flat irons are even healthier hair – when heated, the material allocates negatively charged particles. If you use this flat iron, the hair will become more vibrant, manageable and shiny.

When choosing flat irons you need to consider the quality of the thermostat and heating temperature. Not to spoil the hair, you need to choose a pad with a thermostat, which gives clues on the temperature for each hair type. It is very important to have multiple options of temperature settings, otherwise the pad will heat up to the maximum, so is very harmful to the strands.
For damaged hair sufficient temperature 90-100o C for conventional thin – no more than 150.

How to use a hair straightener

Buy a good heat protection spray – this tool allows you to protect hair exposed to high temperatures. You can buy such sprays in beauty shops, they soften the hair and applied a protective film that prevents damage. There are also heat balms, mousse, oils, masks or conditioners.

Apply the product to wet hair, then wait until they are dry.

Do not use iron when your hair is wet or damp, only some special devices can work in such conditions, the ordinary hair irons are only intended for dry hair. Swiping a Flatiron, keep it moving for a long time, it is also desirable to straighten one strand only once.

If you regularly use flat irons, buy special shampoo for damaged hair, it will protect them from the harmful effects and to recover after drying. It is undesirable to use a straightening iron too often, it is enough to straighten your hair after each shampooing, it is sometimes better to give the hair a break for a few days or a week.