The fastest, but, alas, short-lived method of straightening hair after you have done a Perm – the use of electric hair straightener. Better choose a pad with ceramic, not metal plates to the hair spoiled less. First well dry the head. Then apply on your hair with some heat remedy lotion, serum or lotion. And then take the hair in small strands and pass them under the hot press tool, just try it on one place for a long time not to delay. Use this method once a week, or even lose its natural beauty.
Another way of straightening with iron – wash hair with a neutral shampoo, dry and sprinkle them with a spray alignment. After that "walk" on hair irons.
Try also to straighten the hair after wash with very strong air conditioner and wax for fine hair.
If Curling is easy, you can try to "pull" the hair with a hair dryer and round brush (better if it added natural bristles). To enhance the effect, use gel, foam, in General, any means for hair straightening. Start the procedure until the hair is damp. Unfortunately, if the weather is wet, the hair can return to the original, for curl, as. But you can try.
If it fails to do at home, go back to the beauty salon: specialists have a special chemical, means for rectifying. In this case, your hair maximally straightened, and then well wetted with a solution to a Perm. But remember that if your hair dyed any natural dye (henna or Basma), you should not spend money on chemical straightening solution will still not be able to penetrate the hair.After you straighten your hair, you need to treat them as they are already heavily damaged. Lubricate them often burdock, various restorative masks do not bind or pinch them, try not to use a Hairdryer and do not comb wet.