Range of irons

In order to reduce the possible impact of an aggressive, you need to choose the right pad. The most important is the material from which made his plate. The safety of hair straightening depends on it directly.

Plates of metal severely damage hair, so use of such a device can be no more than four times per month, is excluded to use it every day.

Ceramic plates are more gentle on hair. Ironing with such a coating are considered good for home use and refer to the middle price category.

The highest quality, almost not harm the health of the hair are plates with tourmaline and ionic-ceramic coating. Such devices are considered professional and are therefore more costly.

Very convenient if the hair straightener has a temperature control, because to straighten hair different lengths at different temperature conditions. Bangs – at partial load temperature, the rest of the hair is more high.

Especially hair straightening irons

More than twice a week thermal hair straightening is dangerous. You can very badly damage the hair structure, and they will become faded and begin to thin.

Very useful to use special heat tools to protect the hair, especially if they are dry and brittle.
To create a voluminous hairstyle, you should straighten only the outer strands and the ends of the hair. In this case, the stored volume and is attached to the smoothness of the hair.

Before straightening, you need to wash your hair as dirt and the remains of various styling products will lead to the hardening of the hair, which is very harmful for their health. If the opportunity to wash the head is missing, then the temperature mode should I choose the minimum.

It is not recommended to flatten wet hair, while they are damaged and instead of smooth and silky, turn lifeless hair and thinning. When using heat tools, you need to wait for full drying or dried in the dryer.
Straighten your hair should be separated into small strands by the width equal to the width of Ironing. The smaller the strand the better the effect.

It should not be a long time to hold a pad in one place, a very high risk of burning up the hair. Quite a few flowing movements from top to bottom. After you can use varnish to fix the result.

If the hair is still damaged, you need some time to stop using the irons and conduct the therapy through various restorative hair masks.