Advice 1: What shirt under his blue suit

Blue suit – elegant clothes for special occasions, it is also perfect for office work. To complete the image will help well-chosen and stylish shirt.
Blue suit
The blue color is multifaceted, it has many shades. When creating the costumes mostly choose light blue, dark blue and bright blue colors. Navy blue blazer can be used instead of black if you tired from the classic shades. Such a tone is well suited for sewing business suits.

Shirt for office work

You should consider the fact that with a blue jacket advantageous will look plain dark brown shirt. This is a real chic. Very noble and refined. The perfect solution not only for everyday life but also for business negotiations. You can choose pink brown, chocolate, taupe shirt.

Since the blue color initially considered your main outfit, it should be a little diluted. For this ideal tone from a pale palette. You can try to combine blue suit with shirt in ivory.

Black shirt is a classic that always the height of fashion. It will perfectly match with your costume. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try to pick up a shirt in marine style. And you will look very impressive.

The noble combination of blue and white. Also a classic option, ideal for office and for publication. To the blue suit you can also pick up a shirt dusky gray.

Shirt for holidays and parties

If you want to create edgy, grunge, pick up the blue suit, plaid shirt with short sleeves. To Supplement the image will help a bright tie and brown shoes.

The suit is made in blue color, will look good with the orange shirt. This style is best used for visiting the clubs or bars, because bright colors are often unacceptable in formal settings. Shirt in a pastel shade is a great solution. This can be a coral, mint or beige. Moreover, these shades complement the person.

Blue with yellow – a very effective combination. Suffice it to recall how look great cornflowers in the wheat field. These two shades look harmoniously with each other. If you want to go have a little fun after a hard day, choose a shirt of a silvery color. You will not regret it.

To diversify your look, you can use the shirts in the following colors: pearl, white, and gray. You'll look amazing. For a hike in the restaurant or the theatre you can pick up the blue suit dark purple shirt. It will make your look mysterious.

Advice 2: What shirts fit black suit

Strict black suit – clothes of a true aesthete. Wearing the dress the man will look elegant and at the meeting and at the reception. It is important to choose the right shirt, shoes, tie and accessories.
In a man's suit should be combined no more than three colors

A classic combination

In the men's closet should have a few white shirts. The combination of black and white is classic. This is perfect for a special occasion, but a black suit with a white shirt looks good in the office. A tie is better to wear color, but keep in mind that in a man's suit should not be more than three colors. If you prefer a black tie, it is better if it will be with a picture.

Shirts of pastel tones

Universal black suit, with him well shirts of different colors. Preferably pastel colors – beige, yellow, pink, pale green. In this case, the tie could be black, and to match the shirt, but slightly darker. Choose dark shirts should be very careful. Black with black tie looks too dark and suitable mainly for mourning. But white or bright tie in this case is fine. Will look good and bright tie with a pattern. As for the other dark colors, no dark brown or dark gray shirt to black jacket will not fit. Acceptable Navy blue, Burgundy and dark green.

Strip, cell, peas

Shirt with a bright big picture leave for the summer. They may well be combined with light summer trousers or shorts. The pattern is also undesirable, but the strip is quite suitable. In Grand fashion and shirts from a fabric with very fine embossed pattern in the tone of the background. Picking up the shirt, and buy a few handkerchiefs of the same color. In some situations, you just need to corner of handkerchief protruded from the breast pocket of his jacket.

A few words about the tie

With a plain shirt and the black suit you can wear a tie with polka dots. Note that a pea must be in the tone of the shirt. If you striped shirt, the tie can be plain, striped, polka-dot, but not in the box. Strips on both items must be a different scale, but strictly match in color.

Buttons or cufflinks?

Business etiquette demands that the shirt sleeve was slightly longer than the jacket sleeve. The jacket sleeve should end strictly at the wrist line. With a business suit cuff links look better than buttons. They look much more elegant. So for special occasions is preferable to a shirt with double cuffs. Finish your costume will attach the tie-pin. Better if it will be in harmony with cufflinks. And, of course, pay attention to the shoes. No sneakers – only dress shoes elegant.

Advice 3: What color shirt will suit to a white suit

White costume is very showy and stylish element of the wardrobe. This ensemble is ideal for a holiday release, and relaxation, and for work. However, wear a top a white suit on a naked body is not always appropriate. Perfectly complement the image correctly matched in color shirt.
What color shirt will suit to a white suit

White: combining rules

White color is both simple and difficult to combine. Mismatched shades add-ons easily will bring all efforts to nothing, making the image bland and too bright. But such an approach is inappropriate if the main thing is an elegant white suit.

It is believed that the white color easily blends with all the others. This opinion is only partly correct. White color really looks spectacular in the company of both dark and light shades. Also it can be easily find bright things: bright tone will mute their sound, with the result that the ensemble will not be challenging.

However, the combination of white easy to make a mistake to add too much extraneous colors. This approach will initially make a stylish look in a circus. So the white suit is better to choose plain shirts or products that are concise, restrained figure.

For example, with a white suit will look great shirts and pastel colours. Pale pink, light yellow, sky blue, mint will add simplicity and freshness. This ensemble will be very feminine and soft.

The white suit suit and shirts of dark colors. For example, brown, purple, dark blue, graphite will create a bold contrast. However, the image will not look dark and congested.

Also white suit can be combined with red and black shirts. In this case, podolaty color should maintain the identical shade accessories and shoes. This kit you get a very stylish, bold and to the extent of the business.

A white suit can also be combined with a very light shirts (white, Nude, etc.). In such a situation it is better to use products made of soft, translucent material. Contrast can bring by using bright/dark/shining accessories.

White suit and shirt: stylish combination

The white suit itself looks very stylish and elegant. Some desperate beauty's dare to wear this kit directly on the naked body. However, most often white suit complement shirts and blouses suitable shade.

For example, to create the illusion of nudity will help the thing is beige. That the ensemble was not boring, choose a shirt with bright buttons, or add a glittering decoration on the neck. Impressive and beautiful white suit will look in combination with a shirt of identical color. In one tone, you can withstand the entire image or to bring the brightness contrast bags, shoes, accessories.

Bold happens if white suit to pick up a very juicy color shirt. A great option would be turquoise, purple, orange, coral and so forth Footwear as well as accessories, in this case must be either neutral (e.g., nude) or in the color of the shirt.

Combining white suit with a black shirt, carefully choose accessories. For example, the complete set of a wide belt, brogame and a small purse. All additions should repeat the color of the shirt to be black. But the way it turned out boring, play with textures. For example, the strap can be lacquered, and the bag and shoes – suede or brushed.
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