The blue color is multifaceted, it has many shades. When creating the costumes mostly choose light blue, dark blue and bright blue colors. Navy blue blazer can be used instead of black if you tired from the classic shades. Such a tone is well suited for sewing business suits.

Shirt for office work

You should consider the fact that with a blue jacket advantageous will look plain dark brown shirt. This is a real chic. Very noble and refined. The perfect solution not only for everyday life but also for business negotiations. You can choose pink brown, chocolate, taupe shirt.

Since the blue color initially considered your main outfit, it should be a little diluted. For this ideal tone from a pale palette. You can try to combine blue suit with shirt in ivory.

Black shirt is a classic that always the height of fashion. It will perfectly match with your costume. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try to pick up a shirt in marine style. And you will look very impressive.

The noble combination of blue and white. Also a classic option, ideal for office and for publication. To the blue suit you can also pick up a shirt dusky gray.

Shirt for holidays and parties

If you want to create edgy, grunge, pick up the blue suit, plaid shirt with short sleeves. To Supplement the image will help a bright tie and brown shoes.

The suit is made in blue color, will look good with the orange shirt. This style is best used for visiting the clubs or bars, because bright colors are often unacceptable in formal settings. Shirt in a pastel shade is a great solution. This can be a coral, mint or beige. Moreover, these shades complement the person.

Blue with yellow – a very effective combination. Suffice it to recall how look great cornflowers in the wheat field. These two shades look harmoniously with each other. If you want to go have a little fun after a hard day, choose a shirt of a silvery color. You will not regret it.

To diversify your look, you can use the shirts in the following colors: pearl, white, and gray. You'll look amazing. For a hike in the restaurant or the theatre you can pick up the blue suit dark purple shirt. It will make your look mysterious.