How to make mustard at home

Mustard you can make your own at home. To do this, mix dry mustard powder with starch at a ratio of 1:1 and add a little warm water. The mixture is applied to heavy paper, cover with gauze and let it dry. As such, the mustard plasters applied to the body. Mustard can be purchased at the pharmacy. In the sale they can be found in two types: mustard mixture in paper bags and thick sheets of paper, covered with a thin layer of mustard mixture. For the manufacture of such use black mustard or smoked mustard seeds which degreased and ground.

How to put mustard

Prepared mustard put in the following way. Before using them is lowered into a horizontal position in warm water for 15 seconds. They are applied to the desired area of the body and covered with a damp towel, and top - quilt. After two minutes, assess the degree of redness of the skin. In the first procedure, the mustard is kept for no longer than 5 minutes. Then increase the duration of each subsequent application for 1-2 minutes, bringing it to 10 minutes. To prevent skin burn required every two or three minutes to inspect the area of skin with a shot. With the appearance of burning, marked redness, pain shot immediately removed, and the itchy phase is washed with water and smeared with vaseline. At the end of the procedure, the remnants of mustard from the skin to remove. Desirable to put mustard more than two times a day.

Children mustard is put the reverse side through folded in several layers of cloth, gauze. To mitigate the action of mustard cloth moistened with warm vegetable oil and squeeze. Cough mustard is best to put on the back between the shoulder blades and chest. When inflammation of the upper respiratory tract they are put on the chest and calf muscles. To treat cold mustard applied to the feet. For insomnia caused by rush of blood to the head, apply mustard plasters to the calves of the legs. Application is best done before bedtime.

If you have radiculitis following procedure. You need to dissolve ¼ tablet of Furacilin in 50 ml of water and boil. Then, the resulting solution, add one tablespoon of honey and stir thoroughly. Mustard need to dip into the resulting solution and attach to the lower back for 5-6 minutes. After that, the remaining solution covered with plastic wrap and wrapped a woolen scarf. This bandage leave overnight. Mustard is contraindicated in temperature above 37,5 OS, during pregnancy, for acute conditions, respiratory diseases, asthma, neoplastic diseases, allergies to mustard not to put them on the skin areas affected by psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or moist eczema.