The place of the mustard depends on what is bothering you. Laryngitis, accompanied by sore throat, hoarseness, cough, at first dry then wet mustard put on the front of the neck. Soak the mustard with water, put directly on the skin, cover with a plastic bag and a cotton or linen cloth. Time the therapeutic effect is 20 minutes. It can be significantly reduced if there is a strong burning sensation, or increase, if no intolerable burning sensation.

Tracheitis is accompanied by aching pain in the throat, dry barking cough. The most effectively relieves cough production of mustard plasters on the chest. Method of use is exactly the same as laryngitis, the only thing that changes is the place that you want to put the mustard.

Bronchitis put mustard on his back between his shoulder blades. A valid sequence, for example, if one day you put mustard between the shoulder blades, put on the chest.

Cough of any etiology can put mustard on the area of the heels. This will help to quickly cope with the disease, will soften the cough.

After the procedure, wipe the skin with wet cloth and grease with a fat cream, honey or olive oil. Take cover with a warm blanket, do not go to the draft. The main therapeutic effect is due to the warming effect, so it is more rational to put mustard right before bed.

You can not put mustard plasters on the chest, on the Breasts. Contraindications are extensive skin lesions, allergic diseases, high body temperature, large moles, scars, pustular disease of the skin.

Children can put mustard on three years for a short period of time only on prescription.