How are the mustard socks?

In fact, mustard socks have the same effect as the mustard. The composition of dry mustard contains large amounts of essential oils that are irritating to the skin. However, if you use mustard, you can get serious burns. Dry product that is much slower but is more secure.

Mustard socks are a great way to eliminate the cold-related runny nose. The fact is that dry mustard affects the many nerve endings located on the feet.

Proper use mustard

Order dry mustard in socks had a warming effect, it should be her right to sleep. By the way, it will help only if the first sign of colds or, if the date of onset of symptoms was not more than four days. But in the period of acute colds use mustard socks is strictly prohibited, as they can enhance the development of inflammatory processes.

Allowed to use such a tool for children from one years old and adult patients. Before you fall asleep in socks mustard, it is recommended to wipe the feet dry with a towel. Just in case of wet mustard may cause burns. Pour mustard powder should be only in cotton socks. Dose for an adult is two teaspoons of mustard in each sock. The child will be enough and one spoon. In principle, the number of dry mustard will depend on foot size. Mustard socks do you wear on your feet, and the top to pull and even Terry or wool. It is not recommended to remove the socks for eight hours. It turns out that it is better to wear them at night.

In some cases, dry mustard may cause allergic reactions in children. Therefore, before using must be check how will react the child's body. For the first time need to wear mustard socks on top of ordinary thin socks. Is recommended the mustard procedure until, until cold symptoms are gone. In the case of wet socks, they should be immediately removed.

After using the mustard socks need to be sure to rinse your feet with warm water and to wear warm woolen socks. If the skin of the feet there is the slightest damage or scratch, it is better to postpone the application of dry mustard as medicine.