The sticker on the windshield may not be the only element of the decor of the car, but important information for all road users. For example, it can report that driving a beginner, or that the cabin are children. Logo of the organization will tell you that the car belongs to her. If to be able to properly secure the sticker, it is a long time will firmly stay on the surface of the glass.

What are the stickers for cars?

The most popular and common type is vinyl film. You can buy a sticker with the finished image, it is possible to order the inscription, which is needed. It is made with offset printing. The vinyl layer on which the drawing is applied, is located between the other two: the upper, which protects the image and the bottom protects the adhesive from drying out.

There are glowing stickers on cars. They have a special construction: between the layers of films are the miniature LEDs. These stickers connected to the power supply and machine control. You can specify different modes of illumination. For example, the image with the words "busy" or "free", the workers of the taxi service.

The process of sticking the stickers on the windshield

The easiest way to attach glass vinyl sticker. But when working with any of them to conduct a preliminary preparation of the glass. First, it should be thoroughly washed, and secondly, wipe dry. To cleanse is recommended to use specially intended for this means of chemicals.

Then look for the optimal location of the decals and measure the distance from its ends to the borders of the windshield with tape. Next, take masking tape and with the four sides fixed the sticker in the right place. Now required to carefully expose one side of the sticker, freeing it from the lower protective film. After one part of the image will be attached, iron it with a rubber spatula or dry cloth toward the center. Gradually remove the remnants of the protective film and simultaneously, with a spatula press the sticker against the glass, squeezing out from under it air.

When the image is completely fixed on the windshield, it again carefully iron with a rag and remove the top protective film. Installation of fluorescent labels is more complicated, because it involves the output wires. But if everything is done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, no problems.