It is for these reasons tinted Windows you want, if not all, very many car owners, however in order to get the expected results, it is necessary to tint a car properly. Not always self-tinting – is the ability to save. If you have no time to learn all the nuances of tinting, just go to the salon and have this service there.

First of all you should pay attention to the quality and features film: cheap film, which are mismatched by color, will never look stylish. In addition, often the cheapest film does not have sufficient density and falls unevenly on the glass surface.

The choice of color film is perhaps the most difficult, as there are many shades that should be very skillfully combined with the body color. If there is a film very dark in color, it does not mean that toned her car will easily pass inspection. In order not to pay huge fines, please take into account the characteristics of the film when it is selected, and also interested in documentation on this product that may be required in order to take on the road there was no problem.

It's horrendous film which tightly adheres to glass, and this is possible when using very high quality material. To avoid this defect it is necessary to clean the glass surface with the help of special tools, and also degrease it. Easier and simpler thing to do with the removal of the glass. Further, it is worth to make a soapy solution and begin to window tint. For this you need to remove the protective layer from the material, apply the soap mixture with a spray bottle, applying the moistened tape to the inner surface of the glass and smooth it with a rag. After this it is necessary to dry the glass for at least 3 hours in a warm room with normal humidity.

Proper application of the tint film is very hard work, but the result is worth the time and effort.