Advice 1: How to tint car glass

Tinted glass car gives it a special elegance and charm, but to say that this is not the only benefit that they give, for example, toning is a perfect hide the contents of the interior of the vehicle, which allows not to attract the attention of thieves.
How to tint car glass

It is for these reasons tinted Windows you want, if not all, very many car owners, however in order to get the expected results, it is necessary to tint a car properly. Not always self-tinting – is the ability to save. If you have no time to learn all the nuances of tinting, just go to the salon and have this service there.

First of all you should pay attention to the quality and features film: cheap film, which are mismatched by color, will never look stylish. In addition, often the cheapest film does not have sufficient density and falls unevenly on the glass surface.

The choice of color film is perhaps the most difficult, as there are many shades that should be very skillfully combined with the body color. If there is a film very dark in color, it does not mean that toned her car will easily pass inspection. In order not to pay huge fines, please take into account the characteristics of the film when it is selected, and also interested in documentation on this product that may be required in order to take on the road there was no problem.

It's horrendous film which tightly adheres to glass, and this is possible when using very high quality material. To avoid this defect it is necessary to clean the glass surface with the help of special tools, and also degrease it. Easier and simpler thing to do with the removal of the glass. Further, it is worth to make a soapy solution and begin to window tint. For this you need to remove the protective layer from the material, apply the soap mixture with a spray bottle, applying the moistened tape to the inner surface of the glass and smooth it with a rag. After this it is necessary to dry the glass for at least 3 hours in a warm room with normal humidity.

Proper application of the tint film is very hard work, but the result is worth the time and effort.


Advice 2: How to clean car glass

For safer driving good visibility is important, therefore, for automotive glass requires thorough care. When a minor injury may be necessary to repair, and in more serious case, you will need to replace the autoglass. So you need to clean the glass regularly by following the simple guidelines. So you will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining your car, and you do not need any polishing or glass replacement.
How to clean car glass
You will need
  • - clean warm water;
  • - a sponge or a rag;
  • - cleanse Windows
To clean not very dirty glass you can do without the use of chemicals, washed them clean with warm water using a sponge or cloth. For a more efficient wash you can use a special cloth for glass.
To remove more significant impurities, use chemicals to clean glass. They help in cleaning dirt, grease, traces of insects. To buy cleaners for glass at any auto parts store.
During long trips on the glass remains street dirt, grease, particles of sand, smoke, tar, soot, etc. Chemical pollution is difficult or impossible to wash with water or with simple tools for cleaning glasses, because they are firmly held on the glass.
When cleaning the glass a high degree of contamination, use a detergent specifically designed for this. They include surface-active substances (surfactants), solvents and various additives. These highly active drugs is required prior to application dilute with water in ratio of 1:5.
For example, you can use a special detergent - "Autochemical-2 glasses", which you can wash the glass by hand, or adding it to the washer. There is also a part of the "Autochemical glasses." It should not be used for washing of glasses of the carbecause it is designed for ordinary Windows.
For cleaning you can use a special tool "Nitinol". Apply it on the surface of the glass using a soft cloth or cotton wool and then wipe with a dry paper or cloth.
Recently, the popular cleaning products for glass in the aerosol cans. One such tool is the "Second 75", with which you can easily clean the glass of the car from inside and outside (in the car while Smoking smoke cigarettes the glass forms a nicotinic plaque).
If you have tinted automotive glass, wash them as usual. However, do not use abrasive cleaners and cleaning brush.
In the cold there is a very great risk of ruining the car, in this case, it may need polishing. To avoid this, it is better to have car spray for defrosting, which can be used without damage to remove from the Windows of the ice, and solve the problem with a frozen lock. Do not use scrapers, otherwise you can scratch the glass.
In the winter it is recommended to use "Authorattribute" in an aerosol spray can. With it, you can easily remove ice and frost from the glass (apply on clean surface of glass, melted glass wipe with a dry cloth), as well as prevent further icing (to do this, apply a thin layer of aerosol). Then tape the freezer, remove with a wet cloth or rag.
Also during the winter increases the wear of the wipers, so it is advisable to clean them as often as possible, not less than 1 times a day. Glass will last longer if you take home for the night janitors to clean and dry. Do not use the wipers, which are stuck pieces of ice, as this will damage the windshield of your car.
Apply a cleansing agent in accordance with the instructions. Remember that the cleaning composition is intended only for glass, so it should not get on the rubber and the metal surface of the car. Purchase quality cleansers because the use of low-quality and cheap chemical compounds may cause clouding of the glass.
Useful advice
Atribuite wipers if you leave the car in the winter for a long time.

Advice 3: How to tint rear window

Compared with tinted side Windows, tinted rear Windows is more time-consuming process. In the absence of this skill will be quite difficult to install the film without bubbles and other defects. If you still decided to make tinted rear Windows with their hands, then maybe you'll appreciate some of the basic rules of toning of this species.
How to tint rear window
First of all, carefully inspect the rear window of the car. When it detects any irregularities it is better to abandon the tinting of the rear window. At least as long as the existing irregularities are eliminated.
If the bumps you have not found, before the process of tinting you need to carefully clean the glass. To do this, spray liquid glass cleaner and then remove it along with the dirt rubber spatula in a horizontal direction. This procedure should be repeated several times until the glass will not completely clean.
After completion of the process of preparation of the glass you can begin to install the film. It is very important to use only high quality film. Therefore, you should not skimp on price film. Cheap low quality film has a short-lived life, and in the end you will have to buy a new film and repeat the procedure again. In General, in this case, the saying "miser pays twice" is more than relevant.
Now start tinted rear Windows, starting from the top. First, liberally spread the liquid on the top of the glass. Then you need to separate the film from the protective layer one-third and liberally spray the liquid on the surface of the film adhesive and glass. Then separate another third of the film, similar to spray liquid on the surface and attach the film.
Now the remaining third of the film separated from the protective layer and similarly to the previous two sections attached to the glass. While film is still wet and full fixing did not happen, you have time to correct the alignment of the film. When the film evenly, you are ready to be ironed with a rubber spatula, starting from the bottom of the film in the direction away from the center.
In the process of Ironing on the film are often formed bubbles and creases. However, it is important in this situation not to use harsh mechanical action, to avoid the risk of damage to the film. It is better to wait for ten minutes and repeat pressing with a spatula. In addition, it can help to heat the film a hair dryer. If you have to deal with all the defects of the film, then you can consider yourself a Pro. However, we must still repeat that the tinted rear Windows – technically laborious task that requires certain skills and knowledge of the material properties. Therefore, in the process of tinting the rear window on their own the probability to not the best result possible.
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