The history of barocci

Many people think that the choker is just a ribbon on the neck, but it's certainly not the case. This rather necklace on ribbon-based. The tape does not have to be velvet. The tradition of wearing the velvet ribbon came from the middle ages, when the neck of a beautiful lady in addition to the expensive necklace can decorate a beautiful ribbon with a medallion, rose or gemstone. The back of the polishing cloth is certainly knotted Flirty bow. Queen Alexandra, guided by the desire to attract attention to his white neck, introduced the fashion of wide black velvet ribbon. This accessory is very expressive emphasized the beauty of the ruler. Shortly thereafter, the polishing cloth appeared in on the delicate ladies ' necks aristocratic courtiers.
Currently, the choker - Gothic accessory.

How to make a choker with your hands?

The polishing cloth should tightly cover the neck, so you need to carefully measure the circumference of the neck and mark it on the tape. In addition, to schedule a free 15 cm below the velvet ribbon could tie a bow. As a beautiful Supplement Bergodi you have to take lace and sew it to the ribbon. Also, the polishing cloth can be immediately stitching of the lace tape. Moreover, the lace can be folded like an accordion in order to create a volume effect. In addition to lace in the manufacture of barocci as a Supplement you can use organza. Below the ribbon, organza volume, it is necessary to stitch, and then pulling the thread. In this state, it is possible to sew the velvet ribbon.

Be sure to note the middle of barocci: this place is attached with exquisite decoration. This may be an artificial flower, a bow, locket, jewelry pendant, large pendant, rhinestones, beads, and so on. For example, the finished artificial flower must be placed in the center of barocci and carefully sew. The finished choker can be worn with a simple dress, which is elegant scoop neck. If the choker is too big, the earrings can not wear, so as not to overload the image. Alternatively, you can try to pick up the set choker+earrings in the same style. However, we must remember that the necklace should be the soloist in the overall ensemble. Nowadays, the choker is popular only in those who like vintage jewelry, the representatives of the subculture. Love to wear it and those girls who want to emphasize their individuality.