You will need
  • For a helmet of papier-mache:
  • - latex balloon;
  • - clay;
  • - old Newspapers;
  • - PVA glue or starch paste, a glue gun;
  • - cardboard;
  • cord for decoration;
  • - silver and black paint.
  • - flap of tissue for aventails.
  • For a helmet of a plastic bottle:
  • - 5 or 6-liter bottle;
  • silver paint;
  • - piece of fabric or mesh.
  • For a helmet of fabric:
  • - thick fabric, adhesive fabric, shiny fabric or mesh;
  • - cardboard;
  • - braid;
  • - silver paint.
  • For a helmet out of cardboard:
  • - thin cardboard;
  • silver self-adhesive film;
  • - fabric for Aventail.
Indeed, for the manufacture of some costume elements sometimes have to resort to extraordinary technological discoveries. Take, for example, the task of making a giant helmet! But it has several solutions. The first is to make a helmet from paper mache. To do this, first measure the circumference of child's head and inflate the balloon of this volume. Mark the approximate line of the lower edge of the helmet, focusing on the size of baby's head and samples of these helmets. To obtain a pointed conical shape on the top of the helmet from clay vilaite tip the appropriate form and attach it to the ball on top of the future of athletic headgear.
Then evenly glue the ball with a sharp tip with PVA glue or starch paste with pieces of torn newspaper to the marked boundaries (the first layer is wetted by water, the pieces of the newspaper). Make at least seven layers of newspaper. Region boundaries can be uneven – they can then be trimmed.
Carefully dry the resulting workpiece. Release the air from the bulb and remove it with a clay tip. Specify the bottom line of the helmet and carefully cut the excess paper. The main part of the helmet ready. Modeled on this ancient helmet (helmets) cut out of cardboard and stick to your product for more details (nanonic, the mask protects the upper part of the face). It is possible to decorate wrap the edges of the helmet relief cord and glue it.
Paint the helmet with silver paint. To make the helmet of naturalness is possible to mix silver paint with black seats and apply the resulting color to the surface of the headdress. From the inside, paint it with black paint. Allow to dry.
Made of fabric with silver sequins (or mesh fabric) take the back part of the helmet – the one (original – chain-mail mesh to protect the neck and shoulders of the hero). A little priborika, attach the fabric to the base of the hat with glue gun. Giant helmet ready.
The second solution of our task is to make a helmet from a large round plastic bottle. Mark on the bottle line of the bottom of the helmet. Of caps of different sizes and other materials to build the tip and screw it to the neck of the bottle. Cut off the unneeded parts of the bottle. Cut and stick, if necessary, additional details of the cardboard. Helmet cover with silver spray paint. Take and attach double-sided tape to the bar mitzvah of shiny fabric.
How to make helmet heroes
The third solution is to sew a helmet of thick fabric from a pattern by red army budenovka (that giant helmet was the prototype for the headgear of the red army). A cap sewn from 4-8 wedges. For rigidity, seal the main fabric is thick adhesive cloth. The pattern budenovka change a little so she looked more like helmet heroes. Hem the bottom of the helmet from the inside lace and outside on the base, attach the remaining details.
How to make helmet heroes
Roughly the same pattern can make a helmet out of cardboard, pre-glued shiny adhesive foil. Cut without allowances wedges attach the butt to each other inside the product with tape or smeared with glue long strips of paper. The lower edge of the helmet, glue a strip of cardboard and complete the missing parts.
How to make helmet heroes