The main signs of failure of the clutch

One of the most common "symptoms" of a faulty clutch – strange noise when you press on the pedal. You can hear the rattling, grinding or other unusual sounds. Noise can be a symptom of a number of failures: failure of the release bearing or parts of the damper in the slave drive, excessive wear and deformation of the slots, loss of elasticity or displacement of the return spring. Please note: the pedal can make noise not only in the moment of pressing, but when she let go, and she starts to climb up. The characteristics of the noise can be set, what kind of damage it is.

Even more unfortunate is the signs of damage clutch problems when shifting. If you notice this problem, please contact the service station, because over time, the situation will only get worse and drive the car will be unsafe. To diagnose damage simple: when shifting, you receive a grinding noise, the clutch pedal is not pressed to the end. Later some programs simply no longer activated. The reasons can be many: the problem of the clutch cable, the failure of the friction linings, diaphragm spring, clutch disk.

Faulty clutch: on what to pay attention

To diagnose the malfunction of the clutch, is to try to pick up speed on a straight road, gradually switching transmission and carefully watching the behavior of the machine. If the vehicle accelerates slower than usual, like he's lost some power, but the clutch often "stalled", it's time to visit the service. Probably, surface the flywheel, clutch or pressure plate was badly zamislili. It is also possible that the reason for the "slip" was improper linkage adjustment, which leads not only to problems in switching, but also to accelerated wear of the elements.

Finally, to understand that the clutch is faulty, sometimes it is enough just to sniff. If after pressing on the pedal and shift gears you will notice a sharp odor of burnt rubber, surely the car needs to be repaired. In this case, the problem may be the worn linings, and the failure of the clutch disc. Interestingly, in some cases, the smell may appear only from time to time, not every time the pedal is pressed, but this does not mean that the car fixed itself.