Manual transmission hard to start
It is difficult to move just because you hardly feel the car. Getting traffic is a combination of several actions that must be performed sequentially. While the legs also can not work simultaneously in squeezing/wringing of the pedals. Hence the constant twitching at the start. Don't neglect the tachometer readings. Right the momentum will allow you to smoothly move and go.
Don't know how to switch gears
While driving to increase speed you need to shift gears. Many do not know at what point you need to go to a higher or lower speed. Each gear corresponds to the speed cut. The first speed is needed to start movement or very slow movement, for example, in traffic. After starting you need a little Rev, and immediately switch to the second. After follow the instrument panel. When the arrow will come closer to 30-40 km/h, switch to third. After 50 km/h in fourth gear turn. The inclusion of fifth gear on different cars can vary from 80 to 100 km/h.
On "slot machine" to travel easier
In a car with automatic transmission is easier to drive really. The period of learning and adaptation on the road is markedly reduced. Automatically safer to ride in traffic, because foot rest. But winter driving on this car can be greatly complicated by weather conditions. A car with a manual transmission is easier to withdraw from an uncontrolled skidding or demolition. Because you can work the clutch and brake the engine. But if you get stuck in the snow, rocking the car with automatic transmission is much more complicated.
Manual transmission gives you more options for precise control
Fans of the "mechanics" the main advantage I think the greatest opportunity to drive yourself. You can choose the right speed for overclocking, not to wait until the system switches itself. Manual transmission provides more opportunities for fast, dynamic ride. It is not just all racing cars equipped with "mechanics". And most importantly – if you are familiar with a manual transmission, you will not be afraid of no problem. Life is different, and sometimes contrary to the desires or the situation, to drive with a manual transmission. And if people never did that, he'll have on the road is very, very difficult.