Good work with the clutch allows you to operate it without much trouble to run 75-80 thousand miles. However, for a number of reasons complications of varying severity may occur much earlier. Talk about serious symptoms that clearly indicate that the host vehicle requires urgent repairs (clutch "leads" or it stalled), it is only in the showroom. But need to pay attention to the case when the clutch squeaks.

Principal creaking clutch

The experience of operating vehicles shows that it is possible to distinguish two main types of scratch adhesion.

1. Creaking, which does not affect the work betrayed the clutch or the node itself, the so-called "light" scratch. Rather, it only irritates the motorist its sound.
2. "Heavy" or hard scraping. Usually accompanied by a taut pedal or it goes in spurts. Often motorists say about the clicks that they feel when working with the clutch pedal. Such noise may lead to breakage of the drive cable or damage to the clutch.

How to try to eliminate the squeaks

As they say, the car loves the grease and affection. Very often the cause of creaking clutch is just lack of lubrication on the friction surfaces. Try the following recommendations of experienced motorists.

1. Treat grease type WD pedal Assembly from the car.
2. On the clutch fork, slide rubber washer, remove the slotted pin lock, wipe up accumulated dirt and treat with graphite grease the cable and PTFE sleeve.
3. With a syringe try to lubricate the cable under gofrey from the fork and the clutch pedal.
4. Remove the dust boot from the clutch and well treat the shaft and sleeve in which the rotation occurs a suitable lubricant. Experts recommend using spray molybdenum.

Many believe that the cause of squeaks is a design flaw that allows the clutch fork to make vertical movement with sufficiently large amplitude. Over time, the fork is lowered, and the bearing directly rubs on the input shaft. The problem can be solved by centering the plug to use the washers of the necessary thickness in the landing saddle.

Sometimes creaks pressure plate finger that connects the pedal with the master cylinder. But then lubrication will not help. Only, don't forget about it when you install the new one.

You can still call a number of reasons for the creaking clutch, but in any case, if the above simple manipulations do not solve the problem – you should contact the experts.