You will need
  • 3-liter jar:
  • - a loaf of black bread;
  • - raisins to taste;
  • - 6 tbsp of sugar;
  • - 1 tsp of dry yeast.
Slice the loaf of bread into pieces and dry them in the oven until the appearance of brown color.
Put the yeast for a future brew. To do this, take a quart jar and fill it halfway with dried bread. Add 2 tbsp sugar and pour boiling water until the middle of the banks. Leave ferment for an hour.
Mix it in an hour and if necessary, add more water. You should get a gruel of bread. Cool it to lukewarm.
Add yeast slurry, mix well and cover the bottle opening with gauze or cloth. Leave for two days in a warm place.
Fill a quarter three-liter jar with the remaining breadcrumbs. Add 4 tbsp sugar and mix. Fill a jar on the shoulders of boiling water. Cool and then add half the starter. Again, cover the jar with cheesecloth or rag. Leave in a warm place for a day.
Strain the kvass through cheesecloth, put the raisins and sugar to taste. If desired, you can add mint leaves or lemon balm. Then the brew will acquire the taste pleasant notes. Leave it for another day in the heat. Then pour the brew in a separate 1.5 liter bottles and put in storage in the refrigerator.