Prepare the starter for the brew in several ways. However, you will need to get the necessary ingredients in each recipe are different, but very useful. The result will be able to support your body in the grueling heat.


Sourdough is the most popular, because the drink is based on it turns out very tasty. For its preparation you will need to find 125 g sugar, 250 ml warm water, 50 g of compressed yeast, 20 g of dried bread.

When all the ingredients for fermentation will be collected, will need to take a saucepan, pour a little boiling water, put on fire and heat up to 40oC. After that, it should dissolve the sugar and soak the dry bread crumbs. The mass is left alone for an hour to steep. During this time, you need to soak the yeast in warm water. Now the contents of both glasses is mixed and placed in dark place for 2 days. After this time the bread yeast can be used for making home brew.

Sourdough without yeast

The least popular recipe sourdough without yeast, its fermentation will take longer. However, the taste is awesome, so it's worth at least once to cook it for this recipe. To ferment without yeast, you need the following ingredients: 50 g of honey, 100 g of rye bread, peel apples, 100 ml of boiled water, the grape skins.

In a saucepan filled with a little of warm boiled water, add honey, Apple peel and grape skins. All the ingredients are well mixed and put in a dark place for fermentation. As soon as 3 days, the capacity of yeast gets, and adds the crumbs of dried rye bread. She then again removed into a dark place. As soon as the fermentation is active, you can start cooking the brew.

Their sourdough rye bread

You can prepare a sourdough rye bread, then the drink will have a distinctive taste and darker color. This will require 1.5 kg of rye bread, 100 g of yeast, 3 cups of sugar, 10 l of boiled water.

First you need to take rye bread, finely cut and fry until Golden status in a skillet with vegetable oil. Then everything shifts into a saucepan and pour boiling water. Now this mixture should stand for 4 hours. Then it is filtered, and adds yeast, mashed with sugar. I will have to mix and strain through cheesecloth. It will stay thick, which is the leaven.