Sometimes the toes can freeze so badly that even a blanket and hot tea do not help. The feeling is not the most pleasant, when the fingers are freezing cold, to save from which nothing can. It is therefore necessary to establish the reason why this pathology occurs.

Reasons for cold toes

To think that such a symptom is cold feet, exposure to only older people, error. Even quite young people can feel the cold - the cold can become not only the toes, but calf, feet. And no the heat will not help them keep warm.

Reasons why you may feel frozen toes, pretty much. One of them is the lack of fat under the skin. It body fat retains heat, and its lack leads to a sense of freezing.
If the muscles are weak or there are problems with blood vessels, also have the feeling that freezing toes. Because blood circulation, which also contributes to heating dopolnitelnom.

Vascular dystonia (which today is especially vulnerable young people), disorders in the heart muscles, local circulatory disorders, for example due to varicose veins, thrombosis, etc. also lead to feeling cold in the legs. Obstruction of blood circulation cause temperature decrease in the extremities.

Among the reasons leading to the freezing of the toes, called and problems with the thyroid gland, for example, hypothyroidism. In this case, all the processes are slowed, reduced hormone production and deteriorating energy. In parallel there is a number of symptoms: arrhythmia, brittle nails, increased greasiness of hair, notes the decreased body temperature.

Another reason is iron deficiency anemia. The development of this pathology in the blood decreases the amount of hemoglobin, begins to receive less oxygen.

To cause a feeling of coldness in the legs can cause lack of fat and vitamins A and E. the Lack of a proper amount of these micronutrients causes increased sensitivity to cold.
Doctors say that often cold limbs ladies who are fond of low-calorie diets. After all, with such dietary restrictions and the result is a lack of nutrients.

Smoking and the consumption of a number of drugs - another reason can freeze the toes. This is due to the fact that nicotine and some medications cause vasospasm. hampered blood circulation and feeling cold in the legs.

Cold toes can and under stress. Because the whole body is tense, blood vessels are compressed in spasm, and the blood ceases to flow in appropriate quantities to the extremities.

Toes are freezing and in that case, if a person says negative pressure. In this case, as a rule, the freeze not only feet, but hands.

What to do to get rid of this feeling

The feeling of hundreds of feet is not the most pleasant. It is therefore necessary to deal with the cause, causing a similar problem.

The first thing to do is to start exercising vessels. Strong vessels - the key to health (no headaches, normal pressure, etc.). For training vessels suitable hot contrast baths for feet. Also effective are contrasting dousing in the shower. Once a week to visit bath, sauna or bath. Preferably after the sauna to plunge into the cold pool. However, there is such a method and its contraindications. For example, sudden changes in temperature in some people can cause spasm of blood vessels, resulting in a stroke can result. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor and choose the suitable treatment option.

For warming up the extremities, doctors recommend to do daily workout. It is sufficient to choose a few exercises - from 5 to 10 and perform them daily repeat 10 times. The best would be to sign up for fitness, dance, pool, etc.

To get rid of the problem, is to revise your diet - to exclude from the menu of coffee and other strong drinks, alcohol. Also need to add foods that expand blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation - spices, spicy food, etc. you can Sometimes hear a recommendation before going out to drink hot chicken broth.

In the case if your toes are freezing due to low hemoglobin in the first place, will have to raise it a level. To restore the balance of iron in the body will have to include in their menu apricots, raisins, pomegranate, pumpkin, fresh fruits and vegetables, especially apples.

As for the drinking, it is recommended to take as many herbal teas, various fruit drinks, fruit drinks and other drinks that can improve blood circulation.

In your closet use only natural fabrics. If socks, of cotton, not synthetic. In winter you can wear wool options.

Treat yourself with care, and then, perhaps, the problem of frozen feet, you more torment will not be.