Poor circulation is the most common cause of cold feet. To restore normal blood circulation in the body will have to work hard. Help contrast baths for the feet, cleaning of the vessels and blood, balanced nutrition, eliminating the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, diuretic herbal teas, massage and self-massage, which should teach a professional massage therapist.In addition, useful running on the spot on tiptoe. To overdo it with this exercise impossible, run as you can. Such exercises for the lower limbs activates good blood flow.If independent actions did not lead to positive results, consult vascular surgeon. It will examine and assess the process of blood circulation in your body, using affordable and painless methods.
Syndrome cold feet can be caused by underdeveloped foot muscles. The lower part of the leg does not contain the subcutaneous fat which is warmed, a large part of the surface of human skin. In the absence of this layer of people and experiencing constant cold of the lower extremities. To reduce the manifestation of this syndrome for this reason, it is necessary to wear warm and comfortable shoes.
Experience the cold in the feet may experience women, if in the cold season are too thin pantyhose and tight or out of season shoes. Addressing the causes will help to eliminate unpleasant phenomenon.
Another reason for cold feet – problems with the heart. If you notice that they became less hardy, do you have shortness of breath, occasionally there is swelling of the extremities, cold hands and feet, contact your cardiologist.
Constantly merznuschy legs often occur in patients with diabetes and in people with problems in this important body, as the thyroid gland. Pass a full medical examination from specialists, and if they are diagnosed with the disease, they will help you to solve the problem of cold extremities.
The reason for constantly merznuschy feet can be dystonia, and hypotension (low blood pressure). In these diseases the blood vessels in humans strongly narrowed, resulting in blood to distant peripheral capillaries is not received or goes bad.Consult your doctor, he will prescribe you a comprehensive treatment.