Many consumers complain that vanish doesn't help and removes stains from clothes. In this case, you can try to use the same tool, but in a different form, or to repeat the procedure several times. If these measures do not help, you need to look for other ways of removing the stains.

Stages of preparation

Removing stains from clothes and linens in the home self-prepared structure, you must be very careful, because there is a risk of damage to clothing. The first is to try to treat folk remedy interior seams of the product: if nothing bad happened, it is possible to apply the composition to the stain. Before you begin stain removal, thing to clean the dust and walks it dry, and then wet with a brush. Cause of the stain you need a wooden stick or pipette. To round spots formed circles (halos), fabric around this place can be moistened with petrol or fill up with chalk.

For removing from fabric spots from oils and fats, used only the purified solvent. Check the cleanliness of gasoline or turpentine can, if you drop a little money on the paper: after drying, from it should not remain any traces, otherwise then will have to think again than to remove the resulting stain.

Ways to remove stains

If "Vanish" is not helpful stains of iodine, the fabric should be cleaned with a hyposulphite solution by dissolving 1 teaspoon of substances in one Cup of warm water and wiping the resulting composition of the stain. Stains from cosmetics, easy to remove ammonia, then you should not forget to rinse the cloth with water. Inveterate stains can be easily removed with a solution of citric or oxalic acid: one teaspoon of acid should be diluted in one glass of water, treat the stain and wash or just rinse with water.

If "Vanish" is not helpful in the case of zalesnenymi stains on silk or woollen stuff, cloth can be rubbed with a woolen cloth, dipped in gasoline, acetone, ammonia, denatured alcohol or mixture of these components. The excess fluids will help to remove papyrus paper. White and light colored fabrics can , apply it on the stain, leave for a few hours, and after cleaning with a brush.

Ammonia is used in many cases where "Vanish" is not helping: for example, it is able to cope with the shaded things. If you add it to hot water and to put things outside the paint will go away and things will again become the original color. This problem can be solved by using baking soda. In the bowl of hot water to fill the soda, put things for 10-12 hours, and then washed in a washing machine.