You will need
  • Dishwashing detergent, kerosene, salt, tooth powder, soap, starch
If you put a stain at home, immediately take any dishwashing detergent and sprinkle on the stain. Massage well and leave for half an hour. Then wash as usual. Salt is also an ambulance for fresh oil stains. Immediately sprinkle the stain in table salt and RUB, change the salt a few times and it is highly likely that the stain will disappear on the spot.
The recipe, tested time - sprinkle the stain from the vegetable oil tooth powder, RUB and leave for a day. Then shake off the powder and brush.If you can get the kerosene, soak the stain them, and then Osteria thing in soapy water.
If the stain is large and old, prepare a mixture of two parts of grated soap, one part ammonia and two parts turpentine. Saturate the stain with this mixture, after a few minutes, wash the product.Another variant of this recipe - Laundry soap mix 1:10 with gasoline, this paste will wet the stain and wash the thing in a few hours.
Try to get rid of stains with iron. Put on the spot, and under him, folded toilet paper. Then spend a hot iron over the paper it will absorb the fat. Change the paper until all the grease disappears. The second option on the stain, pour the starch, cover with a cloth and iron with a hot iron. Change the starch, if the stain is very large.
Old grease stain can be eliminated with gasoline or acetone. Wet the stain, then iron across the paper. Then things wash in warm soapy water.