You will need
  • Smelling salts, potato starch, soap, salt, gasoline, glycerine, soft cloth, brush.
If the material things allows you to wash them, try to prewash stain plain soap. If the fabric can not be washed, first of all clean the spot from dust, put it under a stack of paper napkins or folded several times white cloth, and then fill it with potato starch.
After some time, starch is mostly absorbed in the material, remove the excess and clean the stain with a cloth or napkin. Apply a little starch, wait and brush again, repeat until the stain is pale and disappear. This method is best suited for oily stains.
Old, stubborn stains can try to clean with potato flour. Dilute it to a gruel and put on the spot. Wait two to three hours, remove the dried mixture, treat the stain with gasoline. Wipe the spot with the spot with a piece of dried bread, Osteria thoroughly in warm water. If the stain is not completely disappear, put under him soaked in gasoline tracing paper, wipe the stain with a soft cloth or brush from the outside. Rinse the thing in warm water.
You can pour on the stain a little talcum powder, after putting the thing on a flat surface, cover it with tracing paper or parchment and go over it with the iron.
You can try the lime stain with ammonia. Take three big spoons of ammonia and dissolve in half a small spoon of common salt. This solution treat the stain before he disappeared.
Try to use special cleaning products, in this case, if the spot is planted on silk fabric, can soften the finished products a small amount of glycerin. Gasoline removes well stains from wool, warmed bread with velvet. From carpets it is best to remove stains of unknown origin with sawdust soaked in gasoline.