Aspirin stains

If you or your loved ones have a tendency to excessive sweating, this is quite an unpleasant problem. Besides the smell, there are further difficulties in the care of clothing. After all, yellow stains that remain from sweat, is not so easy to wash. And if they are old, highly ingrained, it is doubly difficult. The appearance of such spots often persecutes those who are involved in sports. Also we often see them in white men's shirts. And normal washing here, as a rule, unable to cope. Yellow spots under the armpits can quickly lead into disrepair completely new clothes. But, fortunately, almost every home kit for this problem there is a solution: save the yellow thing will help ordinary aspirin.

How to get the stain out with the help of aspirin

You will need: 2-3 tablets of aspirin (it should be the most typical tablets, instant will not work), a glass of water and Laundry detergent. Aspirin needs to be crushed into powder and dissolve in a glass of warm water. Then straighten clothes to better to see the spot that you want to delete. Dampen the soiled areas of the resulting liquid and leave for one to two hours (the exposure time depends on how ingrained the stain).

After the required time, rinse the aspirin solution from the clothes and see if it worked to clean all the problems.
If you try to remove the stains with aspirin has failed, you can try to use a more concentrated solution: you need to take two tablets, crush them and dissolve a very small amount of water (literally a few drops) to the consistency of the resulting tool was like a paste. It should be applied to a yellowed space of five minutes to ten.

After that, rinse and again to check whether all stains have disappeared. If spots are no more, you can proceed to the next stage. Well, in the case where the spot still remains, try using a paste of aspirin about an hour or two. Final step: wash the thing as usual, by hand or in the washing machine, using detergent (powder, soap or a special gel).

Fresh stains from sweat are removed from the clothes is much easier, so do not put off the struggle with stains on the back burner.
If you have a lot of things with yellow stains, you can before washing to collect them and soak in the tank for a few hours.