To Zhukovsky from Moscow

To a designated point with the Kazan station every day from 05:13 to 00:45 with interval of 5-30 min. go electric. To sit should be on the train with the direction of Moscow square and 47 km, Moscow-Slate, Moscow-Bronnitsy, Moscow-Vinogradovo Moscow-Golutvin. Out of the transport we have on the platforms of "Elijah" or "Rest". Before purchasing the ticket it is necessary to clarify whether the train stops at those stops. The journey time is 55 minutes For the same train you can take the metro "Vykhino".

Buses depart from Moscow from metro station "Vykhino", just on the other side of the square. A bus with a scheduled number 478 is open weekdays from 07:20 to 23:50 every 20-90 mins on Saturday and Sunday transport is not running. The final stop is Ploshchad Gromova". Also from this station daily bus to Zhukovsky with the end point "Mashzavod". Here you can take bus n. 424, who goes to Ramenskoye, are further from the Zhukovskiy, but he never goes into town and collapses on the outskirts, so many passengers on this route is not convenient. Also offer their services to taxi under these same numbers. They travel much faster than buses.

To get to Zhukovskiy is possible from metro station "Kuzminki". From there, daily Shuttle bus No. 525 to the stops "Gromov square" or "street Gudkov". Journey time — 40 to 60 min.

By car from Moscow to Zhukovsky can be reached by turning from MKAD on the Novoryazanskoe highway, pass the city Lyubertsy, village chkalove and Zhilino-1, go on the road A-102 and after Pekhorka to get to the Gagarin Avenue, which is part of highway A-102 and at the same time the street Zhukovsky. Around the town there are a lot of airfields, making it difficult orienteering. The main thing is to stay when driving on the left side of the railway.

To get to Zhukovsky from other cities

Zhukovsky near the highway M-5, Novoryazanskoe highway. To get into the city, it is necessary to follow the road signs. On this road are the cities of Ramenskoye, Ryazan, Penza, Kolomna, Syzran.

Many in Zhukovsky, even though he is an academic city, come during the MAKS Airshow, which is held every two years. During his organization with platforms "Rest" and "Elijah" are always Shuttle buses to the venue. Travel free of charge.