The first thing you should immediately wash the animal with a special shampoo and make anthelmintic treatment. The bedding is also treated with a flea shampoo.
The most dangerous is the fact that fleas bite the animal in which they were discovered, but man, causing severe scratching of the bites, redness and inflammation. They lay their eggs in all the crevices of the floor and the baseboards. You need to treat the whole house and only General cleaning is not enough.
For getting rid of fleas, treat all floors, carpets, baseboards spray against crawling insects that you can buy at any hardware store. While processing remove from home animals, people, birds, fish, carefully pack the product, close tightly the Windows and doors. 1-2 hours produce in the apartment cleaning and clean all accessible and inaccessible places with a soap solution. If necessary, treatment repeat.
Can make a strong infusion of sage and cleanse the entire floor of the house. These small insects just can't stand her smell.
Effective is green soap with the addition of kerosene. Dissolve a pack of soap in 5 liters of water, add 200 gr. kerosene and treat all surfaces, paying special attention to the cracks.
To combat fleas, you can call SES or private service for combating insects. They will produce an efficient treatment of the entire house of modern drugs have a long period of protection.
In order to prevent get in the house from rodents, treat Pets drops from fleas and put them antibiotiky collar.