Where I live fleas

Fleas have specialized mouthparts designed for piercing the skin of the host and sucking blood. Suck blood and males and females, the process continues from one minute to several hours. Sucked blood, fleas are often not leave the host and move in the coat. These insects are found year-round on the masters and in their homes (nests and burrows). Owners fleas are mammals who have asylum. To a lesser extent, these insects are associated with animals that use the refuge only in a certain period of the year.
Some types of insects most of the time spend in the substrate of the home owner.

A small number of species of fleas associated with animals that do not have homes (artiodactyls, marsupials). Since in this case there are difficulties re-finding the owner, a stay-at-fleas body regularly. In the house where there are dogs, cats, the number of fleas may be significant. Pets infected with parasites during walks, from homeless relatives or having visited the place, infested with parasites. Apartment fleas can also be accessed from the basement or from the neighbors.

What diseases can fleas carry

Scientists determined that approximately 60 species of fleas capable of transmitting more than 25 different diseases. These insects carry such terrible diseases as plague, typhus, encephalitis, hepatitis. Fleas are intermediate hosts of parasitic worms, e.g. nematodes. They spread the larvae of worms, carry toxocariasis. Eggs Toxocara get into the digestive tract of the insect bites an infected animal, after the bite of the human flea eggs get into his body. Subsequently, the larvae are carried through the human body through the blood, affecting the lungs, liver, and other organs.

Fleas bites cause swelling, inflammation of the bitten location. Biting through the skin, the insect injects into the wound saliva containing the enzyme, causing a severe allergic reaction. The consequences of this irritation can be quite severe. When immunopathological reaction to a flea bite develops flea dermatitis. In this case, the stimulation is distributed away from the bite. Flea dermatitis is treated quite difficult.
Physicians developed an anti-flea vaccine, which is used in severe consequences of the bite of a flea.

Rat fleas are carriers of pathogens dangerous diseases - plague. Earthen or sand flea, is transferred to sarcopsylla - a rare disease characteristic of tropical latitudes and the southern regions of Russia. The insect penetrates the skin of a person's feet, often under the nails, causing severe inflammation, swelling, itching, irritation.