You will need
  • - preparations against fleas;
  • - bottle with sprayer;
  • - tansy, wormwood;
  • - preparations from rodents.
First and foremost, get rid of fleas your pet. For this, there are many different drugs that can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy or store that sells pet products. You can use the shampoo, gel, drops. Currently, there are modern types of tools, allowing to influence fleas, ear mites and additionally destroy the worms, constant companion of fleas.
Treating animals, disinfect all bedding, rugs, carpet, floors. After all the eggs of fleas are around the home and treatment of Pets only will not lead to the desired result. For the impact on carpets, rugs and floors use sprays or vials of fleas or crawling insects. Before spraying aerosol remove Pets, birds, close, or move the aquarium. Spray the aerosol all over the house, walls, carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains. After 1-2 hours air and perform General cleaning.
To use ampoules dissolve the vial 5 ml in 5 liters of water, wash the floors, pour the solution in a bottle with sprayer and spray the whole room.
Clean the basement of debris, spread across the basement room funds intended for the destruction of rodents. If your house does not have Pets, and fleas are still there, it means that in your basement settled colonies of rodents, which were the distributors of fleas.
Lay around the house and basement dry tansy and wormwood. Fleas can not stand the smell of these herbs. In the wild animals rid themselves of fleas that lay in the thickets of wormwood or tansy, and insects from their fur.
Can handle the house with turpentine or kerosene or a mixture of turpentine, kerosene and soap, induced in equal proportions. But the smell of these funds will remain in housing for a long time, so if you do not wish your house smelled like an unpleasant mixture, use more gentle methods.
In addition to all these means you can use the services of specialists from private services for the pest control or cause SES.
To avoid re-infestation of fleas, put on cats and dogs antibiotiky collar, time to get rid of rodents in the basement. Always keep the house broom with a dry tansy and wormwood.