What do you need?

The actual Board consists of a wooden base, latinoboy strip, the upper surface and the cover. A strip of felt, then cover it up with tissue not necessarily. Need more cotton fabric, scissors, underwear, gum, tacks, a piece of soap or chalk in a contrasting color to the trail was well marked. Felt pads can not attach latinoboy – best to stick, so need more glue for fabric or universal.


A method of manufacturing a pattern depends on what you will be doing the gasket. If it is felt, spread it on the floor, attach the part of the Board that will fit and draw. For the laying of the batting pattern is best to do on paper. For the restoration of the Ironing Board should be taken only natural materials – artificial during operation may melt.

Fabrication of the upper surface

Transfer the pattern to the fabric. In this case the arrangement of the equity and of the transverse threads is not critical. On each side leave the seam allowance of approximately 8 cm (the thickness of the Board plus another 3-4 cm ACC).


Cotton fabric after washing and heat treatment tends to take, therefore its better to wash. The material is tedious to choose one that doesn't shed. Fatinovy gasket is better to make a multilayer. Fold the layers together, quilted detail (preferably rhombic cells). The upper surface of the plank spread adhesive according to the instructions, apply the strip and wait for good to dry. Detail designed for the top surface, pull up on all sides, bent at 0.5 and 1 cm, Put it on the Board, pull and the bottom will prekratite obojnymi nails.


The workpiece is intended to cover, hem the edges, tucked 0.5 and 2 cm so that it was possible to wear a rubber. Of course, you need to leave a hole of such a size that it passed a pin. The hole sewn buttonhole stitch. Pass an ordinary clothes line rubber band and put the cover on the Board. The case can be done with ties, then the elastic band is inserted and fixed only in the semicircular part. Ties can be placed diagonally, one in each corner. But this option takes more time, besides, it is less convenient.

Plaque to sleeve

Many old Ironing boards there is a special stand designed for smoothing out the sleeves. To restore it the same way as the Board itself, only the cover in this case is not required. Take a strip, apply it or apply, and the top again, pull a piece of cotton fabric.