The choice of style depends on what you are working on and what is your main pastime. Students and representatives of non-formal and informal professions can choose casual clothes, including jeans, pants, plaid shirts, sweaters and sweaters with V-neck. Accuracy and intelligence are the key points of this style. Sticking to a similar style, you can easily go from business clothes to the club, replacing only a few accessories.
The enduring popular classic style – suits, ties, white shirts, vests, shoes, classic trench coats and coats. This is a more business and formal appearance suitable for people who have achieved in life is something serious and meaningful. The key point of the classical style should be the quality your clothes should be expensive and durable to give you a unique charisma.
Creative people not thinking my life without extravagant Hobbies and unusual professions – including artists and musicians can choose the style, focusing on their own bright individuality. It is permissible skinny jeans, vintage and vintage shirts, cravats, sweaters, sweaters with bright prints. Attractive and reasonable eclecticism will complement your creative image.
If you want to look like a human, watching all the fashion trends and wear the most current and fashionable items of clothingthat are most often found in the collections of fashion designers in recent seasons.
Athletes and people seeking to get the most from the rapid pace of city life, you can choose from dynamic and sporty style clothes, wearing sneakers, cargo pants, sports vests, t-shirts, glasses and other accessories. Loose cut things, ease and sexuality – the basis of this style.