Antiseptic is produced in the form of a solution, spray and ointment. For the treatment of eye infections designed his variant – drops "Okomistin".

Solution, spray

Wounds, burns, fistulas. If they fester, thoroughly clean them with swabs with Miramistina from necrotic content. Then apply moistened with a cloth on the injured area and bandage it. Treating injured tissue should be daily at least two times to their healing.

Pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, zaedy. If inflammation of the larynx, well help frequent gargling, preferably every a couple of hours. Inflammation in the oral cavity are rapidly too, with frequent rinsing "Miramistin". Diseased tonsils effectively lubricate a cotton swab soaked in the solution. It is also well disinfects dentures.

Rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis. Inflammation in the nose deep machine rinse solution nasal passages, sinuses, using a rubber bulb. Rinse multiple times, each time thoroughly vyskakovaci. For otitis bury pipette 1-2 ml of the solution in both ears.

Eye diseases. Conjunctivitis, blepharoconjunctivitis, keratitis, keratouveitis treat eye drops "Okomistin": one or two drops in both eyes 5-6 times a day until the infection is resolved.

Female trouble. At various inflammations need daily type moistened with tampons in vagina. More efficient to do electrophoresis with Miramistina" in outpatient physiotherapy.

Prevention of genital infections. The woman after intercourse, the vulva should be washed and treated with a swab dipped "Miramistin". Then make irrigation by typing in two or three minutes 5-10 ml of the solution into the vagina and 1-1. 5 ml into the urethra. Man after intimate hygiene should be administered 2-3 ml into the urethra. It is advisable to do this immediately after intimacy – 1.5-2 hours of such a prevention is too late. Not to wash off the medicine you cannot urinate for 2 hours.

Urethritis, chlamydia, gonorrhea. "Synthesis" is only one of the medicines in the complex treatment regimens for these infections. 2-5 ml daily injected into the urethra two or three times usually about a week.

Prevention of postpartum infections. Irrigation of the vagina with a solution starts a week before the birth is the childbirth and after another 5 days. Dipped in a solution a tampon enter for two hours.

A cesarean. Before the operation, "Miramistin" irrigate the vagina, then they are treated the uterus during surgery, and after a week introduce in the vagina a tampon with the solution is also two hours.


Wounds, burns. The ointment is applied to the injured area and bandage. First, dressings made daily, and then as the wound tissue – in a day or two. In fistulas introduce tampons with ointment.

Cutaneous infectious disease. To the affected skin areas at least twice a day, applied ointment or ointment is applied tampons. Stop treatment "Miramistina" when bacteriological analysis confirms the absence of infection.

Ringworm. In generalized rubromikoz skin ointment an additional tool in the treatment of fungal diseases. Treatment long, not less than one-half of the month. Onychomycosis before applying ointment should peel off the Horny plates of the nail.

Contraindications "Miramistina" almost there, are occasionally observed its individual intolerance and allergic reactions. It is difficult to the disadvantage of the drug is slight burning sensation at the treatment of open wounds, it is not comparable with the strong burning sensation of tincture of iodine and is quick. Be sure that "synthesis" did not get into the eyes. Allowed to use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Often suggest to replace " - " cheaper by the antiseptic "Chlorhexidine". However, it is not always a substitute as "Chlorhexidine" weaker heals many skin diseases, dermatitis is generally not recommended, has more contraindications, and allergic reactions often.