It is believed that today, bluetooth is available in all models, but this may not always be. To turn on bluetooth on the laptop, you need to know whether you have bluetooth adapter. In the event that on a laptop it is not, then you need to buy it, because the other way to use bluetooth no. Buying such an adapter is justified, because sometimes it is easier and faster to transfer some files from computer to phone (or Vice versa) using a method of transmitting data via bluetooth.

Turn on bluetooth adapter

As mentioned above, the first thing you need to check whether you have installed bluetooth adapter. Sometimes a store may be stated that it is, in fact, everything is the opposite. There is only software, by which amplifies a data signal. Most often to learn about the presence or absence of a bluetooth adapter by the label on the computer. In addition, you can use the task Manager on the computer. If you have a built-in bluetooth adapter, it will be displayed there.

After you are sure the bluetooth adapter you have, you need to find the power button bluetooth. Most often it is included in the same way that Wi-Fi, and that means you need to look for the button with the antenna or with the bluetooth icon. In that case, if the start button of the bluetooth is assigned to the function keys (F1, F2, etc.), then the adapter must use a combination of buttons Fn + button start bluetooth (for example, F3). In some cases, bluetooth can only be run from the computer by clicking the appropriate icon and choosing "Enable".

The last steps

For the full operation of bluetooth adapter you must install the appropriate driver. Thanks to them, bluetooth will work on the laptop accordingly. In most cases, required drivers are included with the laptop. You can install them easily. To do this, just only need to insert the disc in the disc drive of the laptop and follow the instructions.

In the end, after turning the bluetooth settings on the laptop remains only enable it on another device (phone, tablet, etc.). Then it is necessary to establish a link between two devices and then you can transfer any data using the bluetooth adapter.