You will need
  • Bluetooth adapter computer.
First and foremost, you must attach bluetooth adapter to PC or laptop via usb port. If you use bluetooth adapter is unstable, it is recommended to connect it to the front panel of the system unit. Some computers and laptops are already equipped with bluetooth devices, which greatly simplifies the task. In this case you will only need to install the appropriate software.
If your bluetooth adapter is already in the system, it must be enabled. On laptops usually there is a special switch, some models do not contain such switches, but the inclusion of such devices through software. The presence of the device wireless connection you can learn from the manual, which was included with laptop upon purchase.
Once you turn on bluetooth device in range will start to receive signals which can catch any such device. If laptop you need to enable the device for a computer, it is sufficient to connect the adapter with the computer. The mode in which all bluetooth devices look similar, is called a pair.
There is a perception that any device that connects to the computer for the first time, you must install the driver from any media type. This statement is true, but there are exceptions: some adapters are automatically determined by the system, i.e. the system already has the necessary drivers for this device. If automatic determination of the signal did not happen, then the driver installation can not be avoided.
You can install the driver from the media that was supplied or download from the Internet. To find the necessary driver, connect the adapter with the computer, then press Win + Pause Break, click the "device Manager" and see the name of the new device. Copy the name, paste it into the address bar of Windows Explorer. If the Internet connection is, there will be an automatic search of results of your query in Internet Explorer.
Download found the drivers and install them, then you can start working with wireless devices. If installing the drivers the screen will display a warning message reboot the system, click "Yes" or "Restart now".