You will need
  • confidence
Motivation of employees is very important for the success of the business. It should be understood by every competent leader. To raise salaries or to pay bonuses must be at least once a year, otherwise you risk losing a valuable employee, and thus there is a direct risk of losses. If, for some reason, the bosses and not think about the increase of wages, there is nothing wrong with that, to ask for a raise yourself. This process requires caution and delicacy, so you need to pre-practice.
Most importantly – you need to be sure that I really deserve a raise. And the reason is not "Ivanov added, why not?" and what you actually bring to the company tangible benefits, and deserved a reward. If you answered honestly to the question: "if I deserve a raise?" in the affirmative, we must have the courage to go to the head. Pre-prepare. Gather your reports over the last year. Show what profit you brought to the firm. If possible, demonstrate the increase in the gross income of a company chart or schedule. If you have had it successfully completed business projects, mention them.
Think in advance about what percentage raise you ask. In any case, not to mention the wages of other employees, don't ask to tie you "with Petrov, because you work even longer than he." How much you work in a firm, do not matter. The main thing – the result of your work. And if you manage to convince management that you are a valuable employee, it is likely to come towards you. Of course, choose to lie this conversation also need to be cautious. The chief should not be occupied, he should not be in a bad mood and nose should not be looming an important meeting.