Varieties of black currant that are proven and adapted to areas of Central Russia:

  Shelf life

The variety has a dwarf and spreading shrub. Early and very early. The peculiarity of this sort is protracted fruiting berries. "Woman" was created for truckers who come to the sites is rare, and the harvest can wait, not showering. Berries are large, but multidimensional, with an average weight of 1.6 g to 2.6 g, sometimes more. Taste sweet-sour, fragrant. The degustation evaluation is 4.5 points.

Early and productive variety, one of the best varieties for the Amateurs.

Disadvantages: moderately affected by Anthracnose and Bud mites.


The variety is immune, the berries ripen in the medium term. Shrub with spreading crown. The berries are large, up to 3.5 g, rounded, black and chocolate color and sweet taste. Varieties Temptation berries ripen at the same time, the gap is easy, which allows you to harvest immediately, otherwise the berries of over ripeness burst.

Variety with high resistance to readine and Bud mite. Leaf spots affected often.


Medium late variety. Bush is medium and compact. Berries above medium size, of 1.5-2G, black with acidity. Variety is the leader in content of vitamin C.

Grade highly resistant to fungal diseases and weakly affected Bud mite.


The variety is immune to powdery mildew and Bud mite. Matures in the medium term. Has slaborebristaya and middle Bush. Berries of medium size, up to 1.8 g, which ripen at the same time, sweet and sour taste.

Moderately affected by Anthracnose and rust.


A variety with large, up to 4 g of black-brown and the sweet and sour berries, which ripen simultaneously. The harvest stretched. The variety is immune to powdery mildew, medium-ripening.